What Makes Us Unique?

Sometimes property owners will commit to obligations they later regret because they are unfamiliar with evaluating Management Agreements or they have not taken sufficient time to review the document. Our practice has been to provide a copy of the Management Agreement to you for review before setting up a consultation. There are several ways our Agreement is unique and provides confidence and flexibility to you, the owner.

Management Fees Apply Only When Rent is Collected
  • We do not charge management fees when your property is vacant.
  • We do not charge management fees on uncollected rent.
  • We do not charge owners or tenants administrative fees to oversee maintenance repairs.
Your success is important to us. Therefore, we only get paid when you get paid.

Easy Termination Policy
South Florida Real Property Management is about as easy and flexible as you will find anywhere. There are three provisions:
  1. If a Lease Agreement or a Move In Cost Sheet has not been executed by a tenant, you may terminate our Management Agreement, in writing, at any time and the only cost to you is any out of pocket expenses related to your property, such as an authorized marketing cost.

  2. If the property as been leased, but we have managed the property less than six months, you may terminate our Management Agreement in writing, with sixty days notice, and the only cost is a nominal termination fee of $300 (and management fees incurred during the time we managed the leased property including the 60 day notice period for services provided.)

  3. If the property has been leased and we have managed it for more than six months, you may terminate in writing within sixty days notice without penalty. The only amount due would be the management fees for the time period our services were provided.

No Management Fees After Termination
Many Management Agreements stipulate that if you terminate the agreement and the tenant remains in the property, you could owe fees to the former property manager as long as the tenant remains. The South Florida Real Property Management Management Agreement has no such clause. We will assign the Lease to you, the owner, or another property manager at no charge. We will only accept payment for the time period that our services were rendered.

What People Are Saying

SF RPM always keeps me up to date and has done an outstanding job! Dan Toler, Miami FL


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