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A big part of success in real estate, and in business in general, means forming the right types of alliances. Alliances increase strategic positioning and are used as a method to increase strengths, helping those parties involved reach their goals more efficiently and at a much quicker pace. At South Florida Real Property Management, we are committed to this philosophy. In fact we built our name on it.

  1. Each member of our team are Certified Property Management Specialists™.
  2. One of our team's biggest strengths is that all team members have received their designation as a Certified Property Management Specialist™. This intensive training is only available from one of the most prestigious and recognized property management academies in Florida. This designation must be kept up to date annually, which keeps us current on legal and industry changes. This designation helps ensure that your property will be managed by a very elite group of well-trained property managers.

  3. Comprehensive tenant screening & qualification.
  4. One of the most powerful ways to reduce late rent, problem tenants and evictions is through proactive tenant screening. All prospective tenants will be screened using The Landlord Academy's tenant screening program. The academy's screening is one of the most comprehensive in the nation, including eviction, criminal, rental, credit, work history and more. To view a free demo of the tenant screening process we encourage you to visit our website (insert your website name). This demo will walk you through our entire tenant screening process from start to finish.

  5. Efficiency through property management software.
  6. Property management software is a cost saving tool for a rental investor owner. It provides accurate, efficient tracking of rents collected, late rents, vacancies, maintenance costs, and more. Rent Manager is the software of choice for our company. Rent Manager separates itself from other accounting programs because it is designed around rental properties. While off-the-shelf accounting programs may provide other property management companies with a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, aged receivables and other financial reports, they do not include property-related reports such as a rent roll, vacancy listings or lease expiration reports. Rent Manager combines modern accounting and property management features to provide our team, and you, with an all-inclusive solution. This enables us to provide you with a wide range of detailed reports that will better enable you to track the performance of your investment.

  7. Easy communication.
  8. Available by telephone, fax, mail, email, or personal appointments our team is always ready to assist you.

  9. Experienced service personnel.
  10. Maintenance, repairs and other services are always performed by licensed and insured vendors. As part of our team's Certified Property Management Specialist™ training, we specific training to better monitor the work of vendors and also to implement our preventative maintenance program.

  11. Detailed property inspections.
  12. We can provide, as a special service, written comprehensive inspection reports including photos or video of your property during tenancies and after. These services are performed by our Certified Property Management Specialist™ trained in preventative maintenance detection.

  13. Free Consultation and training.
  14. Through The Landlord Academy™, we have arranged to provide you with advice about how to evaluate potential rental areas, how to invest in rental properties, how to prepare your property for rent and a detailed report called The Rent Maximizer™ which better assists you in understanding the current market rents. Also be sure to ask about our Owner Workshop Program. Some of the listed workshops like: Rental Investing 101™ (a comprehensive study of the current market conditions) and Building a Foundation in Property Management™ (an overview of all aspects of property management) provide you with industry knowledge to help better gauge property management services.

  15. Owner friendly management agreement.
  16. No restrictive clauses, no hidden fees for services, no difficult termination clauses. Just an easy to read and understandable Management Agreement.

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SF RPM always keeps me up to date and has done an outstanding job! Dan Toler, Miami FL


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