South Florida Property Management Experts, South Florida Real Property Management, Inc., Announces Personalized Property Management Services

Their Unique Approach Makes Investing in and Owning Rental Property Easy

Miami, Florida - (Marketwire - September 04, 2012) - South Florida Real Property Management, Inc., a premier real estate company in Florida, brings to its clients personalized South Florida property management services, with focus on single- and mid-sized multi-family residential units, duplexes, and select commercial properties.

As property owners readily agree, there is no cookie cutter solution to property management because the needs of the owners vary as do the nature of each kind of property. Personalized property management services are thus the imperative need of the hour. By providing these services, South Florida Real Property Management, Inc. is also filling out a gap in the South Florida market, which is the need for the services of a specialized property management firm with extensive knowledge of the dynamics of the real estate scene.

The superiority of the management services provided by South Florida Real Property Management, Inc. arises from the specialized training of the onboard consultants. Every team member is a Certified Property Management SpecialistTM, a designation that is conferred only after undergoing a rigorous training program at one of the most reputable property management training institutes in Florida. Furthermore, this certification has to be renewed every year, so that the specialists at the South Florida Real Property Management are well-abreast of the developments in the real estate market and the legal arenas.

These expert South Florida Property Managers not only provide customized solutions to cater to the specific needs of their clients, but also provide a broad spectrum of specialized services. For instance, they carry out comprehensive tenant screening procedures while enforcing stringent qualification norms, use state-of-the-art property management software to analyze market trends and formulate solutions accordingly, and perform meticulous property inspections to minimize the investment risks of their clients. The efficacy of their services stem from their extensive knowledge of the real estate market where they have been helping their clients buy, sell, or rent properties for many years now.

The specialists at South Florida Real Property Management, Inc. not only have addressed a pressing need in the market for trained and customized solutions for clients but have also catapulted client servicing to new heights. They charge for their services only after the rent has been collected or when the property does not lie vacant. As CEO Onofre Bonnin sums up his company's credo, "We have made it our business to remain on top of our services, expertise, and knowledge so that we can help our clients navigate the treacherous waters of the property market safely."

The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida and has expanded their Miami Property Management services to now include many parts of South Florida. Visit the company's website at for more information.

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