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Miami Property Managers, South Florida Real Property Management Inc., makes investing in and owning rental property easy in Miami. Our elite team of Miami Property Managers is the most well trained and experienced property managers in the business. We primarily focus our services in the residential single family, duplex and midsize multi-family properties (a typical range of 8 to 80 units). This does not exclude our services for providing Miami Property Management to select commercial properties.

One of our team's biggest strengths is that all team members have received their designation as a Certified Property Management Specialist™. This intensive training is only available from one of the most prestigious and recognized South Florida property management academies. This designation must be kept up to date annually, which keeps us current on legal and industry changes. This designation helps ensure that your property will be managed by a very elite group of well-trained Miami property managers.

Some of our key characteristics that make us unique and keep more and more individuals and investors using us for their South Florida property management are:
  1. Comprehensive tenant screening & qualification
  2. Efficiency through property management software
  3. Easy communication
  4. Experienced service personnel
  5. Detailed property inspections
  6. Free Consultation and training
  7. Owner friendly management agreement
For a more detailed explanation of each of the above points, visit our section We Make Investing and Owning Rental Property Easy.

A big part of success in real estate, and in business in general, means forming the right types of alliances. Alliances increase strategic positioning and are used as a method to increase strengths, helping those parties involved reach their goals more efficiently and at a much quicker pace. As a dedicated team of Miami Property Managers, we are committed to this philosophy. In fact we built our name on it.

We are an experienced team of South Florida Property Managers that have extensive experience in the Miami market. Contact Us today so we can maximize your income and minimize your expenses on your investment properties within Miami.

What People Are Saying

SF RPM always keeps me up to date and has done an outstanding job! Dan Toler, Miami FL


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