Inspect What You Expect From Us

With our company you will always have the ability to inspect what you expect from us. This is accomplished many different ways. One common way is through our property management reporting system; your property's performance can constantly be evaluated with these quick and easy reports.

Now it's time to make your rental portfolio work for you. This is accomplished by allowing South Florida Real Property Management to help provide the tools, knowledge, wisdom and proper "alliances" necessary to profitably invest in rental property. We do this in many different ways.

One way is to provide constant up-to-date educational courses, consultation and market reports to help provide you confidence by acting as a guide to help those who are new to rental investing. And for those who are veterans in the business, think of our company as water - providing you the ability to adapt by being able to flow in any direction the current or future market may lead us.

Marketing and Leasing
As an Investor/Owner you can expect our normal Leasing services to include:
  • Placing one of our South Florida Real Property Management "Now Leasing" signs on your property (if permitted) as soon as a vacancy is recorded, usually 30-60 days early.

  • We will place a full voice description of your property in our voicemail system that provides information to interested renters 24 hours a day.

  • We will share information to interested renters by using real estate, locator services, website full photo and description advertisement, and curb-advertisement. (Additional fees may apply for website and locator services.)

  • We will have our trained leasing staff show your property to prospect tenants during rental touring hours.

  • During the rental tour, when a prospect decides that they are ready to move forward with leasing we will immediately ask the prospect to fill out our prospect packet which includes our application. Our Team then begins the efficient, but comprehensive, applicant qualification process. This will ensure we have a qualified tenant and that the security deposit is receive by money order for your financial protection. We can usually have a prospective tenant approved within 15-20 minutes of receiving their application. Our leasing team are trained Certified Leasing Specialists™.

  • Not renting your property for an amount lower than what you have agreed to without first receiving your permission.

  • We will conduct the move-in meeting with the tenant and have the tenant go over and sign a Move-In Move-Out Inspection Report. This will ensure the tenant and property manager agree on the condition of the rental unit before the tenant receives the keys. After the Move-In Move-Out Inspection Report is signed, we will review and sign the lease and Rules and Regulations Form, and then turn the keys over to the tenant. This move in process is a proven method for developing the trust and relationship needed for a successful tenant relationship, as well as providing the documentation and legal structure necessary to protect the owner if problems occur in the future.

Lease Renewals
As an Investor/Owner you can expect our normal Property Management procedures to include:

Our renewal program will allow us to be proactive in renewing the tenant's lease. We will have evaluated the current rental market to determine how much of an increase the current tenant can expect. If the tenant decides not to renew the lease, which is less than a 20% probability, we will be proactive in pre-leasing the rental unit at the current market rental rate.

Property Inspection Program
As an Investor/Owner you can expect our normal Property Management procedures to include:
  • Our team will inspect your property at least once each week when it is vacant.

  • Our team will conduct our "Inspect What We Expect Check List" which consists of walking the whole rental unit with the "Move-In Move-Out Inspection Report" to detect any damage caused by the tenant that previously moved out. If damages are found caused by the previous tenant then we will follow our system to properly impose a claim against the security deposit.

  • When authorized by the owner in writing, conduct of an annual visual interior and exterior inspection of the rental property. After completing the inspection report, a copy will be made available to the owner. There is an additional charge of $125 for these services.

Why We Are the Top in Our Industry
As an Investor/Owner you can expect our normal Property Management procedures to include:

South Florida Real Property Management will follow a very innovative system model. This system model enables us to provide very dependable and predictable services to our clients. All of our team have studied and received our distinguished designation as Certified Property Management Specialists™. Our team is required to maintain this designation annually and required to complete six continuing education classes in industry related courses, provided by The Landlord Academy™.

Day to Day Operations
As an Investor/Owner you can expect our normal Property Management procedures to include:
  • Our team will make owning rental property as an investment not only smart but easy. We will make every reasonable effort to collect the rent in a timely fashion; rent is due on the 1st day of the month and is considered late after the 5th.

  • Through our experienced staff and our state of the art property management software we make responding to all tenant concerns and emergencies quick and efficient.

  • Our team will make every reasonable effort to renew the Lease with the current tenant with an increase of rent to current market rental rate.

What if a Tenant Does Not Comply With the Lease Agreement or Rules and Regulations?
As an Investor/Owner you can expect our normal Property Management procedures to include:
  • Our team will serve any applicable legal notice under Florida Landlord Tenant Law to ensure compliance with the Lease Agreement.

  • Our team will make a follow-up visit to the rental property to determine wither or not the tenant has complied in a timely manner to any and all legal notice or letters, delivered by us.

  • Our team personally deliveries all notices and letters including the 3-day notice (Florida's legal notice required before an eviction for a non payment of rent can be filed.)

  • Our team also works with the top landlord tenant eviction attorney's in Florida. They will assist in any eviction action taken against a delinquent or non complying tenant. This procedure will always be done in a timely fashion, unless directed by the owner to allow a delay.

Reporting to Owners
As an Investor/Owner you can expect our normal Property Management procedures to include:
  • Our team will prepare and email or fax a copy of any and all comprehensive statements along with the owner's distribution check no later than the 17th the day of the month.

  • Our state of the art property management software allows for many useful, detailed reports. Our team will fax or email the owner key reports they request once a month. (Please visit the sample reports provided in the forms section of this manual.)

  • We also provide copies of all vendor invoices for expenses charged to your account.

  • We will deposit your distribution check directly into your bank account if we have mutually agreed in writing to do so.

  • Our team will also send 1099 income Form and Profit & Loss statement at the end of each calendar year to assist you in your tax preparation.

What About Maintenance and Upgrades?
As an Investor/Owner you can expect our normal Property Management procedures to include:
  • Our team will consult with you, the property owner, in advance regarding any expenditure to the property that would exceed $250, unless it is an emergency affecting the safety health of the tenant, or the integrity of the property. We will obtain written permission to proceed with any property expenditure exceeding $250, unless an emergency.

  • Arranging and authorizing services, necessary to maximize the property's appeal to prospective tenants, thus expediting leasing a minimizing vacancy time. Examples would include: utilities, maid service, carpet cleaning, lawn service, pool services, painting and minor repairs.

  • We will draw from any available forfeited security deposit funds to address expenses that were the previous tenant's responsibility.

  • We will change the locks between tenants residency to decrease owners liability.

  • We also will only use properly licensed and insured vendors who are highly qualified and have experience dealing with the rental industry to perform the work on your property.

We Comply with Local, State and Governmental Regulations.
As an Investor/Owner you can expect our normal Property Management procedures to include:
  • We comply with local, state and federal FAIR HOUSING laws and ordinances.


  • We also comply with U.S. EPA requirements regarding lead-based paint disclosure.

  • We also comply with all other applicable laws and ordinances, whether local, state or federal, that may affect the management of residential rental property.

  • We will also make it company policy for all "Team Members" to carry the Certified Property Management Specialist™ designation from The Landlord Academy™, an academy recognized as one of the top academy's in Florida for providing landlord and rental investor courses. This insures that the above mention items are not only understood but carried out. This includes intensive and ongoing training in Fair Housing Law

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