Get Started Check List

The following is a list of items we will need to begin management of your rental property:
  1. A signed Management Agreement by all owners of the property.

  2. If applicable a completed Lead-Based Paint Hazard Disclosure form. This form only applies to homes built before 1978. Disregard this form if your property was built after 1978.

  3. All Keys pertaining to the rental property, i.e. house keys, pool keys, garage door opener remotes, and gate entry cards and /or remotes to the community. Four (4) sets of keys are ideal. If you don't have that many keys available we can make duplicates. For liability and security reasons, if the rental property has been occupied either by the owner or a tenant all locks should be re-keyed before a new prospect tenant moves in. Please do not duplicate keys unnecessarily.

  4. A copy of the home owner association or Condo Association Rules and Regulations where your property is located, along with the name and address of the governing association will be needed. (Disregard if your property is an apartment complex.)

  5. A copy of your insurance policy naming our company as an additional insured. The "Insurance: Owner's Liability" form letter at the back of this packet is provided to help you in making this request to your insurer. Please complete the form and send it to your insurance agent at your earliest convenience. Please return written confirmation that our company has been added as an additional insured to us.

  6. If applicable, a copy of any current Lease Agreement and Assignment from previous landlord to our company. Tenant names, and contact information.

  7. If applicable, security deposits for any existing tenants or written information on where this deposit is being held.

  8. A completed and signed W-9 form providing your Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number, or other applicable taxpayer form (i.e. W-8, 4224) for non-U.S. citizens.

  9. A check in the amount of $250 to fund the rental trust account. Please make check payable to South Florida Real Property Management Trust Account.

  10. A completed "Authorization for Automatic Deposits" form with voided check attached, if you wish to have your funds electronically deposited into your bank account each month.

Thank you, we look forward to developing a successful strategic alliance with you!

What People Are Saying

SF RPM always keeps me up to date and has done an outstanding job! Dan Toler, Miami FL


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