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How to Prepare Your Rental Investment Property for Rent

July 11, 2012

  1. Carpet should be professionally cleaned and in good condition with no pet odor.

  2. Premises, interior and exterior, should be in "move-in clean" condition.

  3. All windows and sliding glass doors should operate and lock properly with screens in good condition on all windows and sliding glass doors.

  4. All appliances and other systems related to the premises should be clean and in good condition and repair: stove, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave, garbage disposal, air condition(s), heater(s) central heat/air system, automatic garage door opener, etc.

  5. All plumbing and plumbing fixtures should be in good repair and working properly.

  6. All bathroom tiles should be in good condition with no loose tile and all cracks, corners, etc. properly caulked or grouted.

  7. Kitchen and bath counter tops and back-splash boards should be in good condition and seams properly caulked.

  8. Window treatments drape, horizontal blinds, vertical blind, shades should be clean and in good working condition.

  9. All electrical outlets, switches should be in good condition and have cover plates.

  10. Interior paint should be newly applied.

  11. Smoke alarms properly installed in bedroom areas and in proper working order.

  12. Household rated fire extinguisher on the premises and properly serviced.

  13. All light fixtures should have light bulbs and be in proper working order. Ceiling fans, if any, should be clean and in proper working order.

  14. Lawn should be clean, grass cut, edged & trimmed, shrubs trimmed, and irrigation system (if applicable) in good working order. (This is essential to the 'Curb Appeal' of the property which directly impacts the speed of leasing.)

  15. Well water system and any water softener system, if applicable, should be in good working order with appropriate chemicals added at proper levels.

  16. House numbers three inches high should be properly displayed on the front of the house or apartment unit as well as any street side mailbox.

  17. Roof should be in good condition with no leaks.

  18. All debris, trash and/or discards should be removed from the rental unit premises, including from the attic.

  19. All exterior door locks should be changed after last occupant. Each exterior door should have and entrance lock and a single cylinder deadbolt lock.

  20. Exterior paint should have good appearance with no significant fading, chalking, weathering or peeling.

  21. Copies of all warranties, services contacts, and termite and/or pest control contracts should be provided to the South Florida Real Property Management.

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